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Emuah works in 5 easy seamless steps:

1/ Join and fill up our form with all the necessary details for customers to book.
2/ When your profile is created (24 hours), you receive a shareable link.
3/ Share your profile with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
4/ Customers browse your profile to find information, pictures, free time slots and pay deposits.
5/ Customers email/message you booking details. You confirm.

1. Simply purchase a monthly subscription.

2. Open a FREE Google calendar account and set it up as public so that anyone can browse it (see our "how" Google section)

3. Fill up our Emuah form with all the necessary details for customers to book without calling or asking questions. The more details, the better.
Simply check our "how" section, Google calendar in the navigation bar. You'll find an easy step-by-step calendar set up.
Yes you can, you just need to provide all the necessary links to share it on your Emuah profile. We do really recommend Google as it does offer endless free apps, unlike other calendars.
You can automate up to 80% of the boring/manual stuff with Google. Simply check our "Free Tools" section in the navigation bar.
You can market your profile with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check our "market your profile" section in the navigation bar.
Simply email us your updated contents at followed by your profile link, name and customer number. Updates can take up to 24 hours to appear.
Simply log into your Emuah account and cancel your subscription. If you decide to come back later, you will have to start the process all over again.
You have 2 weeks, from the subscription day, to cancel and ask for a refund. If the cancellation is due to a technical issue on our end and lasting more than 15 days, then you can get a refund after the 15 days period.
Simply copy/paste our website link to share.
Welcome to Emuah!