There are so many free tools to help you automate and manage everything. Here are the must have:

1. Google calendar.

- Google Calendar lets your sync events with most calendars, IOS, Outlook and more. You can connect hundreds of third party apps like Google Keep to see your daily to-do lists, download customers details into excel sheets, use voice control and ask Google anything about your events...

2. IFTTT and Zapier

- Probably the most powerful automation apps ever made. Free and enables you to creates limitless automations between all your apps, ie: Automatically turn messages into Google events and download them into a Google sheet to keep all your customers details. These apps will let you automate 80% of your life. Must have!

3. KissFlow by Google.

- KissFlow lets you connect and automate all the google apps to produce some of the most powerful automations.

4. Google sheets.

- Google sheets will help you download data and create sheets to help you manage customer data, financial aspects of your work, feedback forms and more. All these sheets will help you stay on top of your game.

5. Google Keep.

- Google Keep will help you create to-do lists and link them with Google calendar and more. Use voice control to ask Google to add things and tell you what needs to be done today. Ideal when you are driving to your next appointment.

6. Google map.

- Google map is by far the most used map in the world. You can link most of other apps to it and seamlessly switch from calendar to maps just by clicking into an address. It also shows you traffic and best routes. Ideal if you are running late.

7. Bitly.

- Bitly is a url shortener. It helps shorten and customise long URLs and also get data from link clicks. Create a free Bitly account, link your Emuah profile to it and you will be able to acquire data such as number of clicks, region, city and the time people spent on your profile. It is also great for affiliate programs as you can create many links of your Emuah profile and give them to affiliates...

8. Buffer and Hootsuite

- These apps are great if you do often post pictures on social media. These apps will let you create posts and give you the options to post them in Instagram and Facebook at the same time or later on in the day.

9. Mailchimp

- Mailchimp helps you create great email marketing campaigns. Wether you'd like to remind customers about your special offers or simply attract new ones, it has so many options to choose from. It is very easy to use and you can automate campaigns to send beautiful emails to your customers every month to remind them about your business.

10. Gmail and Google message.

- Both are very powerful and help you automate messages and emails. You can create emails and messages to send at a later date and time, ideal when you convert Google calendar events into emails that Gmail automatically send to customers every morning to remind them about appointments...

11. Survey Monkey.

- Survey Monkey helps you get customer feedback via beautiful free survey forms. It is easy to use offers the option to download answers into excel sheets. Create a form, get the link and have it placed on your Emuah profile. Whenever a customer leaves a feedback, you receive answers directly in your email.


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