The 6 quick steps to set up Google calendar to be visible from your profile and show available slots.

1. Open your Google Calendar

2. Set timing events (ie: if your work lasts more/less than 1 hour).

3. Make sure you set specific times for lunch, diner and days off so that customers do not think these are available slots. Then click on the 3 dots of your calendar to open settings (right side).


 4. Open your calendar settings.

5. Make your calendar "available to the pubic" and "see free/busy" only then click on "integrate calendar" on the bottom left inside. This option lets them see when you're busy but doesn't include details of bookings.

6. Copy the "Public URL" link and paste it on our Emuah Form, under " Your calendar link".

That's it. Once your calendar is shared, it will be visible by anyone from your profile.

*Every time a booking is created, your calendar update itself automatically.

How to confirm a booking:

- Once you receive bookings by message, click on the content details and your phone will automatically offer the option to create an event. 

This is what the event will look like on Google Calendar:

- Make sure to set the perfect "work time". You might have to copy/paste the booking details and add pictures as attachment.

- VERY IMPORTANT! Always make sure the event is set as busy and that default visibility is set as public. You can then set as many reminders and notification as you wish. Click save.


- Finally, after clicking "save", you have the option to send "an invitation" to customers. By clicking "send", you are confirming the booking and adding customers to your notifications settings. Google will automatically notify customers about the booking.

Google calendar allows you to have up to 200 invitations/customers FREE of charge.



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