Here is a quick introduction of Emuah and the amazing concept behind it.


Emuah is an online management solution helping independents get and manage bookings via an online work profile. No more juggling between social media, agendas and phones to deal with and book customers.

Emuah does it seamlessly by having an online work profile with all the necessary work details (descriptions, prices, calendars and payment link) for customers to book. Once customers book and pay, the booking is then directly sent to the independent's phone who confirms by automatically adding it to her calendar. 

The whole booking process (from customers booking to independents confirming) is so fluid that it lasts around 6 minutes max.

2. How.

    1. Independents set up and sync their own work agenda with Emuah and create their profile.

    2. Independents then get a link enabling them to share their profile with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    3. Customers browse profiles, check free slots available, pay and send booking details to independents.

    4. Independents then confirm by automatically adding bookings into their own work calendars, in just 2 clicks.

2. Why.

This concept was born from independents frustration to deal and book customers. Until today, the only way for them to book customers was to set up a social media account with pictures and a few restricting lines about them. They would then add a phone number for potential customers to call and ask more questions and possibly request an appointment.

Most of the time customers would call during work, which leads to both parties messaging each other back and forth. The process is time taking, let alone productive.

3. Revolutionary.

Emuah does take all the non productive parts of the process out of the equation by offering an online profile for customers to browse, make up their mind and book without having to call independents.

No more costly, complicated website that needs time to manage. All you need is Emuah and a phone. By using Google calendar as the main base, independents can simply automate 80% of their work life with the help of A.I. 

4. Competition

90% of booking apps and platforms out there have very limited functions. They offer limited options in terms of syncing and automation. You either have to go through their software, pushing you to use paid apps or submit yourself to their calendars.

5. Market

As off January 2020, in France alone there were 22 151 hair cut independents, 9 382 make up artists and 5 937 beauty artists leading to about 100 000 bookings per day. This figures increase by 10% each year and is set to explode to 20% due to the Covid. The growing trend of "doing it alone" and "getting services at home" is simply making this concept a must for independents.

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Welcome to Emuah!